Monday, 9 March 2015


On Monday we went to Waimarino.
 First we went on the kayaks we all got a paddle and a kayak and dragged the kayak onto the dock. We got launched by our parents! It was fun ,because when we got launched the front of the kayak went down and when it came back up the front of the kayak was full of water.  Once we had all gone out on the water we formed a raft up which is the picture below. We all got to do some tricks, we had to kneel in the kayak and then stand then. If you wanted to you could sit on the back or stand on the back like it's a paddle board and if you were good as at doing that you can stand up on one leg on the back of the kayak and then we played cat and mouse it was amazing.

In the next session we had free choice time. We first we had to do a swimming test. For the swimming test we had to jump from the low diving board into the" freezing cold" river (oh no I just said a swear word, (at Waimarino their swear words are obviously the normal ones and "freezing"and "cold" and "can't", if we said one of these words we had to do 10 push ups) then swim about ten meters and if you had jumped off the low diving board you had passed the swimming test then once people had done that they raced to the high diving board. The high diving board was about 10 meters high it was even higher when you jumped.
By Cooper and Ivan.

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